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Hi people! it's been a while since I wrote a journal entry, but this time I'm sure you're gonna like it!
I'm promoting an event on my FB page, for the entire month of November I'll be selling drawings at an incredible price! 

For the entire month of november drawings 15x20cm format at just 10€!!! (shipping costs excluded).. You can choose the subject (xmas subjects too) the characters and the colours! Aaand... For the commissioner number 30 super discount! Hurry!!

Payment with PayPal   :D:D:D:D
For any question send me a private msg

link to the event here:…
hi there! how's yor summer? mine is going great so far, I'm here in South Italy to see my family and to recharge my batteries before going back home and start a new job, which will keep me busy for at least 6 months.

And while I'm here sweating, I also think about my new artistic projects... I want to start a new series of paintings and drawings, (hoping to find the time) and of course, I hope I'll get some commissioned work to found my art classes that will start back in september :) 

I'm also very happy about the success of my facebook page! 547 likes so far, for me me is a huge success! and if haven't already liked it, here's the link  :)
A special thanks goes to all the people who joined the giveaway event I organized this month, thanks guys! 

Sooo... that's all for now.. OH, another thing: since here on DA I'm posting only finished works, you can see my ongoing projects, my wips and doodles on my fb page. 

thats all for now, have a nice summer you all!
bye bye!
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Hi again everybody!
just stop by to say that to celebrate 500 likes on my facebook page, I organized a 2 weeks giveaway. From sunday 29th to sunday 16th of july. You will have 2 weeks to like and share the link I posted on my page to win a drawing! 
It'll be a size of a postcard drawing, and I will send it to the winner with a personalized dedication.

my FB page :
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hi there! I hope you're enjoying your holidays!  :D

I write this journal entry to let you know I'm open for commissions these days, so If anyone of you is intrested, you can contact me privately here, send me an email, or a message on my Facebook page
I'll be accepting commissions for the entire month, so take your chance!

these are my standard rates:
  • for a B/W 24x33 cm drawing like this
  Primo Sole by aryundomiel
60 euros - larger format: 33x48cm, 120euros
  • for a full colored 24x33cm drawing like this 
Romantica by aryundomiel
 80 euros- larger format: 33x48cm 160 euros
  • for a comic, B/W or colored like this

the Princess and the Frog by aryundomiel

30euros or a premium membership.

Prices may vary according to the complexity of the drawing. These are just standard rates, to give you an idea, they are based on the cost of the material and the number of hours I dedicate to the project. For a full colored drawing to be complete, it'll take at least 3 weeks of work, 5 hours a day, all days.
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hi there!

I'm writing this little journal entry to let you know I have a Facebook page now!…

I will use the page as a sort of blog where I'll post my doodles, sketches wips etc. it's a page born for fun, to give all those little illustrations, comics and little funny characters I invent a place to stay. It'll be also a place to exchange comments and opinions about drawing art and everything else I like, where people will have the possibility to write directly to me.
DA will still be my gallery, where I post my finished works, but I thought it would have been fun to share my art on FB.
I really hope you'll join me. thanks :D

add mee!!!! :D

EDIT: 547 likes!!! thnks folks :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


1-first of all, SEND ME A NOTE explaining why you want to use my art and where, and possibly a link to the website (and by that I mean you ask me first and then, once you get my permission, you post my art)

2-for those who want to use my art for commercial use, (book covers etc.)please keep in mind that being an artist doesn't mean that I don't  have to be payed, so NO FREE WORK unless there are some real seriuos reasons (charity etc..) too many times I've been asked to do something and the payment was   just  a "thank you".

3-DON'T STEAL MY ART seriuosly, do you think that stealing drawings from others will make you an artist?


okey I sometimes take a commission, but again, my work is not free, so you have to pay me, usually I ask a 3 moth premium membership, but again there's no guaratee people actually give it to me, so that's why I don't really like to take commissions.

very few simple rules, but I felt the need to write something 'official' so that in the case one cannot say "you never explained to me..."


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 20, 2012, 3:28 AM

hi there! the second season of Game of Thrones is coming! and I thought I could feature some fanart! I really like the HBO's show, and the books of course, and I can't wait to see the second season XD  what do you think?
while waiting, enjoy some art I collected on this theme:

The Starks:
:thumb285713108: Arya Stark by ohsono Ned by jasonpal   Game of Thrones -  Ned Stark by ChristianNauck I, Eddard, of the House Stark by carpediem101 Game of Thrones -  Jon Snow by ChristianNauck   Jon Snow by justinwongart Jon Snow by dalisacg Game of Thrones - Jon Snow by roberthendrickson The Rage of Sansa by Valeharris Bran by jasonpal Robb by dalisacg

The Lannisters:

Cersei Lannister by ohsono Tyrion Lannister by verucasalt82 Tyrion Lannister by mysteryming Jaime Lannister The Kingslayer by Tasty-Crayon Game of Thrones by roberthendrickson

Daenerys and Drogo:

Mother of Dragons by EmegE :thumb284396213: Khal Drogo by dalisacg Daenerys by dalisacg Daenerys Targaryen by Michael-C-Hayes


Stretch, then fetch. Oh, Atila by woxys No photos. NO PHOTOS I said by woxys

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Textures by julkusiowa
hi there!
recently I have received some requests by deviants who want to use my drawings outside DA on web-sites,blogs &Co.
usually I have nothing to object, as long as I'm credited and there's a link to my DA gallery, but I feel the need to write down some rules.

1-first of all, SEND ME A NOTE explaining why you want to use my art and where, and possibly a link to the website (and by that I mean you ask me first and then, once you get my permission, you post my art)

2-for those who want to use my art for commercial use, (book covers etc.)please keep in mind that being an artist doesn't mean that I don't  have to be payed, so NO FREE WORK unless there are some real seriuos reasons (charity etc..) too many times I've been asked to do something and the payment was   just  a "thank you".

3-DON'T STEAL MY ART seriuosly, do you think that stealing drawings from others will make you an artist?


okey I sometimes take a commission, but again, my work is not free, so you have to pay me, usually I ask a 3 moth premium membership, but again there's no guaratee people actually give it to me, so that's why I don't really like to take commissions.

very few simple rules, but I felt the need to write something 'official' so that in the case one cannot say "you never exlained to me..."

said that I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a happy new year :)

Hi everybody! just a quick update about my future plans, every year the italian Tolkienian Society organizes a 3 days event called Hobbiton. a few years ago I went there and it was great! this year they're organizing it at Palombara Sabina (Rome) the 2nd-3rd-4th of september, and I'm seriously thinking about going there.
I'm addressing mainly to the Italian deviants here but anyone is welcome to participate! more infos on the web-site…
Hi there guys! so, have you seen the first episod of HBO Game of thrones?

I loved it! well first of all I have to admit I haven't read the books, that's why the first thing I'm going to do after my exam tomorrow, is to find a book shop and look for the books!
People tell me that the plot is quite faithful to the books, with of course some changes, but those are always needed when adapting something like that to a tv show.

Thanks to the power of streaming I was able to watch the first episode and well it was actually very good: the costumes the atmosphere all very realistic and believable (we're very far from the cheesy fantasy show like Xena or Hercules, thuogh I loved them and grew up wathcing their advenntures) the plot, easy to understand even if you don't know the books, just all the names of the characters a bit difficult to remember but hey there's so many of them. the description of the different personalities of the characters is well done, you can immediately understand how they are. the acting good, lots of great actors and of course Sean Bean, nice to see him again playing a knight after being Boromir in the LOTR, oh please tell me you thought as i did that Sean Bean's wig is the same he had in LOTR? it seems they recycled it! heheh

GOT isn't a "all family" show, defitetly not for children, some scenes where very intense, explicit sex scenes and blood, but I have to admit I like it this way, it seems that finally tv producers realized that Fantasy, is not just for kids, and they're taking it more seriously.

I'm very positive about the tv show, and I'm looking forward for the next episodes! :)

but we haven't finished yet!.....

while waiting for True Blood to start with the new season, can't wait to see it!)  there are some more tv shows that caught my attention: first of all THE BORGIAS, inspired by Hystorical facts,- AND NOT BY ASSASSIN'S CREED AS SOMEONE THINKS- it tells the story of the Borgia family a powerful noble italian family of the reinassence. Being italian, I'm very happy about the fact that they decided to narrate the story of my country.

the tv show is well done, good plot, intriguing, a great Jeremy Irons as Pope Borgia, great hystorical reconstruction of costumes and settings. I warmly recommend this to those whoo like Hystory, mixed with secrets, scandals and murders!

and finally CAMELOT, when I saw the teaser I had great expectations about it, Eva Green as Morgan, Joseph Fiennes as Merlin, the arthurian legends...
to be sincere I was a bit disappointed,  generally everything has been done good, but being a purist I was a little disappointed by some changes to the plot, I miss  some of the characters of the original legend and sometimes the plot is a bit messy and superficial. too many explicit sex scenes that don't add anything to the plot. and king Arthur...I think I'm beginning to hate him

by far my favourite adaptation of the Arthurian legend is the one by M.Z. Bradley in the Mists of Avalon, and I loved the tv show too!

as for upcoming movies: Thor is on my "too see" list, together with Jane Eyre and Harry potter. I'm also curious about Beastley.
I saw red Riding Hood, and well, not that good at all, it could have been much better with some more Horror in it and less teenager-angst.

finally Peter Jackson has started to film the Hobbit, and I'm soooo excited about it. he's also on Facebook where you can read his updated and watch his video-updates, here's the first… anyways, if you're intrested in having updates and news go to .

ok all for the moment, bye bye :D
hoping that you all had a wonderful Xmas, I now wish you a happy new year!

this is the day when we usually look back to the past year and think about what we did and what we didn't and most of the times people don't feel very optimistic. well I want to be positive today, and remind to myself that I'm still alive, healty and with my family and friends. even if I still haven't received my letter from Hogwarts, or found my way to Middle Earth, I won't feel depressed today...there's time ;)
on the contrary, I'm grateful for what I have, for the gifts I received from my life, for what I can do, and for the people around me. My hope for the year to come, is that it would be a good year as the one that is ending now, and possibly better, and so I do for you.
I wish you a happy new year!


Harry Potter! Here I come!!!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 17, 2010, 7:15 AM

Link1 l Link 2 l Link 3 l Link 4 l Link 5

HI! so finally we'll see the new HP movie! I've waited sooo long but at last, here we are!
this week-end I'm going to see it and let's hope it won't disappoint me... still I haven't decided yet if seeing it in 3D or not, the last movie I saw in 3D was Alice in Wonderland and I didn't like it at all, I felt quite sick after the movie, and probably it was caused by the 3D effect... what do you suggest?
as for now let's feature some HP fanart to celebrate the big event!

Triwizard Champion by DavidDeb Hermione by RoryonaRainbow British Men Ftw by neecolette Albus Dumbledore by SilentKW Dobby by RobD4E Lucius Malfoy by Svera He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named by RobD4E pieces of one by aramismarron

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getting ready for Halloween

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 23, 2010, 2:30 PM

hi there! well just a little update, to say that I'm preparing something for Halloween XD

and then, for all those who loved my "Outlander" saga fan art, well there's more to come! so don't worry....
( you may have guessed, I wrote this journal just to change my journal skin XD )heheh

(sur)really intresting pieces

Sat Oct 9, 2010, 6:16 AM
Hi everybody, this journal entry is dedicated to surreal art, here are some of my favourites,really the ones I'd like so see hanged on my wall.


Mature Content

World of Fiction by Nikolaj-Arndt
:thumb101873485: The Move by KatjaFaith:thumb120948014: Transported Man by timothyjahn  Cubism by AramN as i lay here, dying by mynameistran the Time's rosary by Ketka:thumb107156499: Save Us by patsour to surf nowhere by fadattfly light art.21 by Kimbell

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hi there! well since I have a subscription I think it's a good idea to feature some amazing works. After JoeJesus this time is the turn for FAVOURITE MOVIES FANART :D and here are some from my favs gallery. and i think you will also get an idea of my favourite movies ;)

:thumb150078625: :CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW: by Angelstorm-82 Savvy? v1 by Art-by-Jilani Jack WIP 2 by GabrielleBrickey Davy Jones by RoryonaRainbow Master of the Ocean by illogan

Indiana Jones pencil by jasonpal Indiana Jones by jasonpal Indiana Jones drawing by Emmanuel-B

:thumb80348516: Smith by Svetlio3d Morpheus by ClintCearley Neo - Matrix by Art15 Matrix by jasonpal

:SPIDERMANS SACRIFICE: by Angelstorm-82 venom by aramismarron SPIDERMAN 3 by KLSADAKO double you tee eff by loish

phoenix by aramismarron :thumb107562308: logan pt. 2 by aramismarron logan pt.5 by aramismarron logan pt.3 by aramismarron logan pt.4 by aramismarron logan pt.6 by aramismarron Shiny... by RobD4E

:thumb93238738: the dark knight pt.1 by aramismarron Burton's Catwoman PSC by jenchuan Why so serious? by Art-by-Jilani WhySoSerious? by skam4

:thumb133527012: You think we're similar by Svera Keira Knightley by RoryonaRainbow you are ready by aramismarron Wall-e by BirdSophieBlack :thumb696886: the teacher, complete version by aramismarron Guinevere - Keira Knightley by akaLilith Interview with the vampire by akaLilith

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gifts and thanks

Wed Sep 1, 2010, 4:42 AM
hi there how are you? these days I'm receving a lot of :llama: s and I suspect that they're for my birthday that's coming next... and I wanted to say THANK YOU all..

a special thanks goes to :iconjoeyjazz: who gave me a 3 months premium membership as a birthday gift. :D so I decided to dedicate this journal entry to his wonderful works, by featuring some of my favourites from his amazing gallery

Mercutio by JoeyJazz Gears of Existence by JoeyJazz On The Wings of a Dream by JoeyJazz Uranus by JoeyJazz Waters of Europa by JoeyJazz Glacialis by JoeyJazz Just Space by JoeyJazz Redemption by JoeyJazz Morning Gale by JoeyJazz

P.S. I'm noticing it only all my favs from JoeJesus gallery there's a lot of blue ...heheh maybe it has to do with the fact that's my favourite colour...?

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hi everybody how are you? I'm fine :)
so summertime and holidays are getting to the end and in a few weeks I'll start my lessons again at college, hopfully this is going to be my last year...
well then some news...

for all those who are wondering if I'll ever do some twilight fanart again, I have some good news, well kind of.... I've been reading the Host by S. Meyer, and I think it's a very good story,soooo I felt inspired and now I want to do some "the Host" fanart. hope you like the  idea... as for twilight, well there's always time, right? ;)
in the next few days'i'll upload some more drawings I did this summer, you may have seen the latest one "firestarter", well there are a few more to come, I only need some time to scan them and then post them here.

I'm also finishing some commissions I started long ago ( :iconslayer730: sorry again for being so slowly) and I will post them soon I promise!


Mon Aug 9, 2010, 2:46 AM
Hi there everybody, this juornal is dedicated to all the artists here on DA, a friend of mine linked this to me… please READ IT! it explaines how companies exploit the work of young artists or amateurs for their purposes! they pay them less than what they deserve and all of you should be aware of this!
I had a few experiences of this kind and being an artist I know that people sometimes don't recognize the value of our art but this doesn't mean they have to exploit our work! please read this article and keep it in mind for the next time you have a commission!

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hi there people how are you?how's your summer going? mine fine... I have a job and this means money and money=more pencils :D

apart from the twilight universe, in these years vampires have become fashionable again, and I'm the first to admit that I have a crush on them. waiting to see johnny Depp playing a vamp for Tim Burton in the remake of Dark Shadows, I'm now a huge fan of True Blood, the HBO show based on the novels by Charlaine Harris, and in particular of Eric and the super sexy werewolf named Alcide, who is definetly my ideal of a perfect man :giggle:

passed are the times when we young teenagers drooled over Spike, or Angel (well I was team Spike ;) ) and speaking about Buffy, recently I've been reading a new saga, well it's new 'cause I discovered it quite recently, the books are written by Colleen Gleason, the first book is called "the rest falls away". not bad I have to say, it's like buffy settled in the 19th century England, there is definetly more sex than the twilight books but less gore than the L.K. Hamilton books (which I love btw) a good summer reading. I'm now at book 3 "the bleeding dusk" and I find it quite entertaining.
I'm still waiting for the next episode of Anita Blake's adventures, here in Italy the last one published was Narcissus in chains (yes we're far behind :( ) I think I'll have to wait untill this fall to see the new book in stores.

sadly I'm not that attracted by the vampire diaries series, the tv show, apart from the amazing eyes of Damon, is a bit slow and every time I saw an episode i found my self virtually screaming at Stephan "c'mon!  you are a century old sexy vampire, and you're still such a gerk????"

true blood really depicts vamps a LOT better and definetly the way they should be: sexy, morally challenged and well dressed hhahahh!
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SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finally the third chapter of the twilight saga is out! I was of course right there with my ticket and my popcorns ready to see how they did my favourite book of the saga.
well well, it was good, even if I still wonder why do they have to change things when it's absolutely not necessary like Bella's ring... which was horrible ( and I do understand if Bella made that face when she saw it...I would have done the same wondering " OMG how can I do to make him understand this ring is horrible without offending his poor mother's memory???")or the ending which was quite disappointing to me, I mean if you have read the books you know that the last chapter is from jake's point of view and even if it's very sad,it gives us an idea of jacob's feelings and of his last decision. the fact that this scene wasn't in the movie was disappointing. said that I have to admit that I really like the fact that jasper finally has to say more than one line and finally we can hear his voice.
In this movie there is also a lot more action even if I think the director could have done less scenes with the newborns and add more lenght to the love scenes that were a bit short and left the feeling that tey were incomplete. sadly the Soundtrack this time wasn't as good as the other 2, but still there are a couple of nice songs even if the director chose not to give importance to music as the other 2 did before.
and what about the new Victoria? well say what you want but if you have seen my drawing of victoria you should guess that I really liked the new one :)
and about Bella and Ed: first of all: they should have spent more money on Bella's wig...when I saw her hair I thought" poor girl, they have recycled jacob's wig from twilight, and put it on Kristen's head!"
and then just a feeling I had: is it just me or Robert Pattison looked a LOT better in the first movie than now? the haircut was better, his sideburns shorter and his hairbrows not so thick and dark...

in short: nice movie, you won't waste your money going to see it, if you go with your boyfriend he probably won't complain too much XD
in my opinion the best one remains the first one: the photography was eccellent,the music great,and it didn't look like another hollywood blockbuster like Eclipse does.
I vote Eclipse 7/10
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hi there ! recently I got back to sci-fi and to my little girl's adventures... :)
many of you asked me to do a series of drawing after having seen -First Contact-… so I continued the story with Knowing… and -abduction-… (but there's more to come ;) )

now I want to give a name to the little girl, but I can't decide which name would be the best for her... so I thought I may ask you Deviants!
any idea? :)

ok thanks for your tips, a little update: ANNA/ANN/HANNAH (with the variation ANNABELLE,ANNABETH) is the most popular name, followed by JADE, so I'm thinking about giving her a double name, something like Mary Anne or Lucy Anne, that sounds very 1950s

hi there finally I think I found the right name for the girl... but first I thankyou for your suggestions :)

now, yesterday I was doing nothing and suddenly I had what is called "an epiphany" and then I thought :why didn't I thought about this before? eheh... oh well I decided to call the girl STELLA that means "star" :) a simple name but like someone of you said in one of his/her comments, that has a meaning, what a better name than Stella for a girl that meets people from space?

hope you all like it :)
and now again, you saw my new drawing the Offspring, I was thinking about doing another drawing to continue the series of the little girl ( Stella now we know who she is! :) )and to somehow introduce this new character of the starchild... what do you think? I really don't know how this series of drawings is going to lead me, every drawing is a chapter of the story. will it have a happy ending? or maybe will it be more mysterious? I don't know... :)